The Voiceprint Project

You’ll likely see posts circulating my blog and my Twitter regarding The Voiceprint Project, an online initiative I’m starting in order to connect young writers.

This project is based off of an idea given to me by literary agent Jessica Sinsheimer at a writing conference in November of 2014. Here are my goals and primary interests surrounding the outreach:

  • To establish connections online and on social media between young writers, both published and unpublished.
  • To tell our stories.
  • To make the voices of writers heard, no matter their age.
  • To open up the world of information and learning about the publishing world to young writers who believe that they might want to pursue writing as a career.
  • To help young writers spread their social media presence.

There’s going to be a Twitter party on May 6th to officially kick off the project. You can read more about it under the tag here on my blog, and I will be writing more posts about it as we get closer to the launch date. If you know any young writers, no matter how large a part of their life writing may be, by all means spread the word!

If you have any questions, you can leave me a comment or shoot me a direct message on Twitter. I’d be happy to discuss it with anyone who is curious about anything!