Pitch Wars 2016: In Review

Good morning, wonderful people!

Last night was crazy and awesome. I watched the final Pitch Wars 2016 livestream while group-chatting with the fantastic group of other teen writers who submitted to Pitch Wars.

There had been a lot of rumors surrounding when the picks were going to be announced. Technically, they were supposed to be announced today, but they were announced early last night instead (after Brenda Rickrolled us a few minutes earlier, which was making me laugh.) Everyone freaked out. Brenda Drake’s website crashed– which apparently is the usual thing that happens every year.

And it. Was. Awesome.

So I didn’t get in. But– as the mentors and past mentees have been Tweeting for a long while now– I know that Pitch Wars is not the only way. And despite not getting in, this contest has done more for me in the span of less than a month than any other thing in my writing life so far.

I was going to just put out a Tweet summarizing how grateful I am for the experience that has been Pitch Wars 2016, but I realized I had too much to say. So I think I’m going to list it all here instead.

Pitch Wars connected me with a group of other young writers. We call ourselves the Teen Squad. This group of girls is wonderful, and I love every one of them dearly. They are extremely talented writers and I can’t wait to be with them through all of their writing journeys. I have finally found my ‘writing people’, and I could not be happier about it. For this I am beyond grateful.

Pitch Wars forced me to write for a deadline. I decided on entering the contest with only two weeks until submission day, and let’s just say I had to go hardcore over those two weeks to polish my manuscript and get it ready to submit. It was a little stressful at times, but hey. Writing is stressful at times. It was a fantastic method of motivation. 

Pitch Wars introduced me to so many new people and resources in the writing community. My Teen Squad in itself is awesome, but the connections didn’t end there, not by a long shot. I swapped chapters and queries; I entered giveaways; I learned new editing and writing strategies. I connected with some of the mentors– who are all really awesome people, by the way– and played so many fun games on Twitter. The possibilities were endless.

Pitch Wars allowed me to hone my craft. You always get better. I still stand by this theory, and I always will. Pitch Wars has been one of the best motivations to improve that I’ve ever had. I am so grateful for this experience.

If you are reading this and you are a 2016 mentee– CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for everybody, and I’m so excited to see what happens down the road! One of the members of the Teen Squad I mentioned earlier in this post got in, and she is awesome. (*Waves* Hi, Ashia. You are the bomb.com.)

Good luck to all the mentees, and thank you to everyone who made this contest happen in any way, shape, or form. In my opinion, Pitch Wars is one of the greatest things in the writing community. I am so lucky to have gotten to be a part of it this year.