The Voiceprint Project: weekly Twitter chat!

Happy Sunday! I’ve been talking on my Twitter all this weekend about an exciting announcement I would be making for The Voiceprint Project soon, and now I am officially stepping up to address those Tweets. If you’ve been following my blog and/or my Twitter, you know that last Friday, May 6th, was the launch of my online initiative, on Twitter and otherwise. I am so thrilled to say that I have gotten so much support in these past nine days alone, and now I am going to be kicking off another branch of the project.

Neurologist and author Anne Lipton has been hugely supportive of me already in this endeavor, and she recently gave me the idea to host a weekly lit-chat on Twitter under the hashtag. This basically means that once per week, I will be on the hashtag ready to answer any questions or talk with anyone who wants to discuss the project and its subject. This is going to take place every Friday, starting this week on May 20th. Regular gatherings on the hashtag will mimic the “kickoff” Twitter party I hosted on May 6th. Share your thoughts and get your voice heard!

I would be more than happy to chat with anyone who has questions about this new aspect of the project. Tweet @oldpbfan21 or use #TheVoiceprintProject.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me already– and special thanks to Anne for all your ideas and advice! I’m very excited.


And so it begins…

It’s official now! I am happy to say that The Voiceprint Project officially kicked off on Friday on Twitter, and now the initiative is in full swing. I’m super excited because I got some great support during the kickoff party, and the support has continued over the course of this weekend. To everybody who has helped in any way: thank you so much! None of this stuff would be possible without you guys to support me.

I want to take this opportunity to point out and clarify a few things for those who might have questions about the project. I’ve listed out my goals for the project here, and I also wrote about the general idea in the project’s introduction about a month ago. 

The Twitter hashtag has been in use by me for a few weeks, and some others have begun to post on it. I want to make something clear: even though the official “kickoff party” on Twitter was this past Friday, anyone is welcome to post anything related to the project on the hashtag at any time.

I’m also excited to announce that I have a new aspect of the project in the works– picking a certain day of the week where a sort of “lit chat” will happen on the hashtag, open to anyone who wants to talk about the project or any of its main ideas. Think something kind of like what happens in the literary community on Twitter every Wednesday, #1linewed, where people share a single line from their manuscript in a Tweet. Stay tuned here on my blog for my announcement of what day I’ve chosen and when this will officially start!

Also in the works are interviews with young authors and writers as well as other members of the literary community. I’m working on so many things and I am so excited that this is all getting started. You’ll see me updating on my Twitter regularly, and blog posts will be more regular now too.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me get this started– I couldn’t do it without all of you!



Today is the day!

Good morning, all! Today is the day– it’s the official launch of The Voiceprint Project. If you want to check it out, go to the Twitter hashtagand feel free to send me a shout. It’ll go all day, and we’re going to be basically talking anything. I invite anyone who has advice, personal stories, quotes, or thoughts involving young writers to go ahead and join me! My Twitter is here.

I’d like to also point out that if for any reason you’re not able to participate or join in right away, that’s okay– because it’s not just today. This project is going to expand and get bigger as the time goes on. I’ll regularly post here about it and am always going to be looking for opportunities to spread the word. Given the growing amount of young people writing and breaking the ice in the publishing industry, this project will serve as a resource for people like myself who want to connect with other young writers.

I’ll be updating on my Twitter regularly all day. I hope you can join in!